Joining SCB is super easy.  Ideally you will join as both a chapter member (free) and as a national member (~$15).  If you have no interest in being a national SCB member, we’re still happy to have you participate in our chapter.

Benefits of membership in Global SCB organization

  • Job postings
  • Teaching tools
  • Policy resources
  • Academic Programs


Joining our chapter of SCB is reasonably simply. There are two distinct ways in which you can participate with our chapter. The first method is to become an active member. This process does have a small annual cost (~$15.00 / year for students). There are several benefits to this method including access to many helpful resources through the Global SCB Organization. If you wish to actively vote in Chapter and Global elections or run for any office at a regional or national level you must be an active member as well. If this is the method you would prefer, please follow the 3-steps outlined below.

Some people are not interested in taking the steps necessary to become an active member, but would still like to occasionally help and participate. If you are interested in helping, but not concerned with running for any offices or access to the other resources provided by SCB Global the Volunteer option is a good fit for you. We encourage any type of help and support, and would ask anyone who falls into that group to please visit our Volunteer page.

Steps to Become a Active Member:

  1. Contact Us with your personal information, a little about your interests and your contact information.
  2. Submit your annual Local Chapter Dues to our Treasurer. This can be done by mail, or in person via personal check or cash. Annual Chapter Dues are $5.00.
  3. Become an Active Global Organizational Member. This process is a relatively straight forward process which can be completed online. Costs vary based on your membership level but student membership is only $10.00 a year.
  4. Check our Event Calendar for the time and location of our next meeting or event.

We hope you find this information helpful, and we look forward to seeing you at meetings and activities soon!