Though much of the city and region has made great strides after hurricane Katrina, there are still major services that are still struggling to become establish again. Recycling in the New Orleans regional area has been slow to recover. Our members have established and secured funding for a reclycing program on the University of New Orleans campus. This program is available for students, faculty and staff while on campus.

Campus Recycling- Volunteers Needed!

–  Recycling  bins in Science, Biology, and Geology buildings

–  These get collected and taken to a dock where Poohbah picks them up

–  We are looking for volunteers to assist in the collection process

New Orleans Recycling-  This is a free service, including the bin!!

–  Be aware (and spread the word!) that the city has curbside recycling again

– Google ‘New Orleans Recycling’ and sign up on the city website

For more information, use the contact form below!