Hello everybody!
There have been a lot of exciting developments in the last few weeks that we would like to fill you in on:
We are going to build a community garden at UNO! Ben Shirtcliff, our campus sustainability coordinator, has gotten the required land earmarked and we are in the process of writing our proposal. We are aiming to break ground March 1st, so there’s lots of opportunities to get involved in the meantime!
We are planning a farmer’s market on campus to bring the UNO and surrounding communities access to sustainable, healthy foods. We hope to include everything from local produce vendors, artists, musicians, sustainable living demonstrations and information, green organizations, and most importantly UNO students and faculty! Proceeds from the markets will go towards funding the construction and upkeep of the UNO Community Garden.
Also, we will be periodically setting up information tables around campus throughout the next few weeks in order to provide information about the community garden and farmer’s market, and to get people informed about other SCB projects including glass drives, the UNO campus recycling program, educational outreach to local high schools like Ben Franklin, and ongoing coastal restoration issues in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Region.
If you’d like to get involved in any of these projects or be a member of specific planning committees, please contact us @scbnola@gmail.com 

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