Hi everyone!

We had an awesome first meeting, and thanks to everyone who came. We are in the process of editing and updating the website, but for now, here is the news:

New Officers:

President: Trent Santonastaso

Co-President: Annie Cespedes

Secretary: Cara Nighohossian

Treasurer: Christie Sukhdeo

Publicity Co-ordinator: Stephen Gipson

The Gavel: Jennifer Wester Clark

CONGRATULATIONS NEW OFFICERS, pat yourselves on the back.

Want to be an officer? email us! You can create your own position! scbnola@gmail.com



Meetings will be held once a month! I have emailed everyone a link to the doodle, but let us know if you didn’t get an invitation!

Other meeting for Recycling!

This Wednesday, Sept. 11, at 3pm – 4pm in the UC conference room. We will meet with the Service Coalition at UNO and discuss the Recycling program and recruiting new people to participate! If y’all want to walk over there with me (anniecespedes@gmail.com) email me, and we can meet in the stairwell of the biology building at 2:45p (friendship circle side).


Upcoming Events!

Dr. Anthony will be bringing her conservation biology class on a canoe trip, and there are at least 6 spots open if anyone is interested. It is a beautiful area (around Manchac, LA), and a fun trip. Get to know the local wetlands! If interested email nanthony@uno.edu.


When it gets cooler we should go hiking one weekend. If anyone wants to start organizing this let us know! Comment below!

Local Conservation Topics!

Here are links to current hot topics. Feel free to add to this list in a comment!

Will update with more soon!


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