Thanks to everyone who came to our SCB meeting today.

Our officers for the coming year:

President- Jessica Edwards
Vice President- Trent Santonastaso
Secretary- Robinson Sudan
Treasurer- Annie Cespedes

Chair positions are as of yet unfilled, so if you have a strong interest in habitat restoration, educational outreach, urban sustainability, conservation, etc., then please let us know, we’d love to have you on board.

This year’s educational outreach program will travel (walk over) to Benjamin Franklin on April 19th (Thursday Afternoon).  If you’d like to participate, then please let Catie Policastro know.  She will have more details coming soon regarding a practice session beforehand.

Robinson and Trent are doing very cool things in the green house.  If you have a green thumb or wish you did, then consider getting in touch with them, and they will likely put you straight to work.
They have also been doing great things with getting more bike racks on campus. Give them your contact info if you’d like to volunteer to move bike racks around with them.

Annie reported that recycling is going well, there are plans for expansion to many other buildings this semester and the fall semester.

Cara is working on getting a habitat restoration work-day together with Nicky Anthony.  She will have more details on that soon.

Gwendolyn has gotten many many feral cats fixed. We now have a feral cat page on our website courtesy of Annie, where people can donate directly to our TNR feral cat project via Paypal.  Pretty cool, ehh?

Last but not least, we’re planning to have a beach trip for funsies after final exams are over in early May, likely to be an overnight trip on the 9th, 10th, or 11th of May.  Tentative plans include renting a house on the beach for a night.  Perhaps driving there on Wednesday or Thursday, playing around, spending the night, playing around the next day, and then driving back.   If you think you might want to go, LET ME KNOW.  Significant others are very welcome, and possibly dogs.  Again, let me know if you are at all interested in going so I can get a head count.  Ideally we would provide transportation, housing cost, and and at least food for dinner and breakfast, so it should be a very cheap trip for everyone.


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  1. John Read says:

    I am an Australian ecologist who attended the ICCB conference in Baltimore and saw your banner about your activities.
    I’m particularly interested in the management of domestic and feral cats and note that your chapter support a TNR program for cats in New Orleans
    I would love to make contact to interested ecologists or especially researchers looking at feral cat management in New Orleans and especially the effect of TNR programs
    Please contact me at the following email address

    John Read

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