SCB Meeting Notes, 2-10-12, 11-noon

Recap of last month-
Gwendolyn and I changed officer positions at the last meeting in January.
Our budget was turned in, we requested funding to host the Stay Green Event next fall since it’s more in line with the interests of this group than BGSA, and we did not have to request funding for recycling because it is now a line-item in SG’s budget, meaning it is pretty much automatically renewing without additional effort from us (that’s a good thing!)

Most of our meetings will continue to be at 11AM on Fridays, however at least one will be on a Tuesday so that we can host a speaker (after they get off work)

Spring Semester Itinerary (tentative, of course)
Bakesale date Wednesday, Feb 29th

Saturday, March 3rd- Beneficial Bee Pollinator workshop?? Details from Robinson will hopefully be forthcoming.

Tuesday, March 6th @4:30pm- SCB Meeting with guest speaker Harvey Stern- (first 15 minutes for SCB business, then turn over to Mr. Stern, entire meeting will take no longer than one hour)  Mr. Stern does some really cool work with the Cypress Legacy Project.

March 23rd, 11am- Regular SCB Meeting-  We will elect officers during this month, and they will officially take over in May.  If you wish to be nominated for a position, please email me!

April 1st-8th: Spring Break Week

April 5th- 7th (during Spring Break):  Hoping to have some kind of fun camping trip, joined by BGSA.  We will take care of park fees and provide food stuff, more details and exact date will solidify later.

Also hoping to have some kind of TNC work day during this month too.

TBA Events
Educational Outreach- likely to be at least two separate days in April or May.  Catie Policastro is still scheduling with the schools. (Usually we go to at least Benjamin Franklin and ISL schools)

Barry Cole- potential speaker, he is the pres. of the LA Audubon Society, and also works with Lousiana’s State Master Plan for Coastal Restoration (which is open for comments through the end of this month).

Sierra Club is also working on redoing Louisiana’s Hiking/Biking/Canoeing Trail Booklet.  Anyone interested should contact Dr. Nicola Anthony at nanthony AT Basically need people to bike the trails, hike, whatever, and then give them updated information about the trails. Also opportunity for Outings leadership training from the Sierra Club)

Possible Workshop with Laughing Buddha Nursery- Organic nursery offering classes on urban homesteading, organic gardening, composting, mushrooms, etc.  If there is enough interest, we might try to schedule a workshop.  If you would be interested in this, please let me know.

Also, at the last tree planting, Trent met up with some people who teach courses for controlled burns.  Hopefully he’ll have some information soon if you are interested in learning about this.


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